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Lies of P, unlock time: what time will the game appear on Game Pass


Lies of P has attracted more attention than expected for a soulslike, which is clearly great news as much of this hype is based on the game’s largely positive reviews. The title from the Korean Neowiz, based on the story of Pinocchio, will be available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, also on Game Pass. But when can we start playing it, especially on Game Pass?

Lies of P Game Pass Unlock Time —

The official release date is set for Tuesday, September 19, although players who spent money to pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition could unlock early access for 72 hours (three days) with a launch date scheduled for September 15. However, if you waited for the game to arrive on Game Pass, the dates and times you need to mark on the calendar will be different.

The unlock time for the official launch of Lies of P is as follows:

  • September 18, 5pm on Game Pass for Xbox and Windows PC
  • September 18, 5pm on PC via Steam
  • September 19, 12:00 AM on PS5

How’s the game? —

How’s the game then? If you’ve read our review of Lies of P, you know that “despite too many distractions from Bloodborne and the like” the title “is committed to offering a product that works and also occasionally shines – both things that make a are rare in soulslikes not signed by From Software. In its company, hardcore gamers who turn a blind eye to the similarities will be able to enjoy more of what they love, such as a cryptic setting and many bosses to study, and newcomers a title that , in a genre that prides itself on its darkness, it works hard to be a good starting point.” Not bad for a debut.

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