Jobs: The Outer Worlds 2 may include multiplayer elements

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Apparently, studio Obsidian is going to introduce multiplayer elements to the space action role-playing game The outside worlds 2. This is hinted at by a new job posting for a network programmer who will help the team create “multiplayer gaming systems using the Unreal Engine.”

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Obsidian is currently working on three games, two of which are being developed at UE (The outside worlds 2 and Avowed), and the untitled third is being made in Unity. However, the studio recently admitted that they wanted to add co-op to Avowed, but ultimately abandoned the idea.

Given that Obsidian only employs 300 people, it’s unlikely the studio has taken on a fourth game, so the most likely candidate for the introduction of “multiplayer game systems” remains The outside worlds 2.

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The sequel to The Outer Worlds was announced in 2021 with a short teaser. The role-playing game has officially only been announced for PC and Xbox Series X|S. There is no release date yet.

Source : Shazoo

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