Spider-Man will shake the streets of Brooklyn and Queens. The world in the second volume is almost twice the size

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This October is full of anticipated releases, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 stands out even among such competition. Peter Parker and Miles Morales appear with a new trailer, this time focusing on the city. We already know Manhattan well, but there will be no shortage of new places. In the second part, we will also look at Brooklyn and Queens, which make the gaming world beautiful. It will almost double in size.

It was clear from the first preview that we would be playing as both Spider-Men. If we’re not on a mission, we can We will choose whether to wander around the city as Peter or as Miles.. Switching between heroes almost instantly, you can see this directly in the video. With the new progression system, fast travel, which is gradually being introduced separately for each region, should also be at the same light speed.

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Both Spider-Men will then share certain missions and progress. But sometimes the client requests either Miles or Peter. Each also has its own evolution trees related to its unique characteristics. With Peter they were hers from the beginning mechanical limbsagain with Miles electrical abilities. When Peter arrives at his houseSuitable for YmbiontiumSo he will be able to improve his attacks in the next skill tree.

There will be no shortage of secondary content in the city. Just take a moment and look around you. Thanks to the technology in Spider-Man suits, you will see places marked directly in the surroundings, where to go if you’re looking for action. In such moments, ease will surely come. Good Neighbor Spider-Man application developedWhere ordinary New Yorkers seek the services of one of the wall climbers.

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Fashionistas will harvest again. Spider-Man 2 needs to include More than 65 suitsAmong them you will find movies, comics and original pieces. It is also necessary to see in the example Tobey Maguire’s black suit From the movie Spider-Man 3. Additionally, thanks to the Suit Styles system, you can adjust the color combinations of some suits, which further increases variability.

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