Separate Ways is the expansion Resident Evil 4 fans always wanted

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Any die-hard Resident Evil 4 fan knew there was something missing from this year’s remake. Sure, Ada is there, but while you dig deep enough to discover all the files, secrets, and collectibles over multiple playthroughs, her role in the story remains a bit of a mystery – unless you’ve already fully digested the original.

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Separate Ways was a unique campaign, complete with original settings and encounters, that gave players a behind-the-scenes look at the machinations of the story – things Leon would never see while on the front lines. And now the new Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 remake aims to offer the same.

We’ve seen just over ten minutes of gameplay from the new Separate Ways campaign, and everything we’ve seen has us excited for its launch on September 21st. Playing a central role, Ada Wong isn’t just a skin with Leon’s moveset: she has completely unique melee attacks to take out stunned enemies and can even use her grappling gun as a weapon, squeezing necks and whipping enemies.

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Ada is a killing machine, a real superspy, and offers the same kind of absurd power fantasy as when Leon blocks a chainsaw with a knife.

Old and new –

Separate Ways consists of both already familiar settings from the main game, with new paths to follow, and completely new scenarios: in one section we see Ada fighting in the castle area where we initially fought with cannons, this time under the instructions of the great leader Albert Wesker and moves in the opposite direction to Leon’s.

Ada can use her grappling hook to reach new areas and create new encounters: at first it may seem like a remix of the main campaign areas, but then you encounter something completely new. For example, in one scene we see Ada shooting some blue medallions at a wooden walkway along the cliff, and this is an entirely new passageway.

Resident Evil 4 separate ways

Later, Ada comes into battle with El Gigante in the Village Farm, but previously impenetrable structures can now be destroyed by the giant’s fists and Ada can find new hiding places with her grappling rifle. An already familiar battle and setting, but combined with a handful of new mechanics it feels fresh and engaging.

Separate ways, the judgment (for now) —

We’ve only seen a small taste of what Separate Ways will have to offer players on September 21, but we’re hopeful that it will finally make the already fantastic remake of Resident Evil 4 “complete.”

Written by Dave Aubrey for GLHF

Source: Gazzetta It

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