Lies from P, how to beat the Survivor

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Lies of P starts a little after you reach the Venigni Factory, and there are two optional bosses that can be fought here for some nice rewards. The first is the Survivor, who has hidden in the depths of the factory and wears a mouse mask as a Stalker.

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Here’s how to find and defeat the Survivor in Lies of P.

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How to Defeat the Survivor | Lies from P —

The hardest part of Survivor is finding it, as it’s an optional boss fight, but one that offers good loot. It’s easy to reach from the Stargazer in the Venigni Factory Control Room: jump off the platform and go through the door on the right. In the next room you will see a door on the left and many dolls hanging there. Run between them – if you’re too slow, they’ll drop down and start attacking you – and descend the ladder to reach a hidden room. Here you will find the Survivor.

The Survivor is incredibly fast and weak against acid, which we don’t have yet. However, he also has another weak point: backstabbing. Equip a fast weapon like the Winter Rapier and it won’t take long to defeat him. You will spend most of the fight running around the room to avoid provoking his attacks, as they are very difficult to dodge; If you need time to regain your composure, run around the center table to confuse it. As a result, they often do not know how to reach you.

But the biggest trick is this. During his attacks, he will make a lot of rotations that will leave him visible from behind: you will only have a moment to react, but as soon as you see the backstab icon you can press the right dorsal to deliver a blow to the back. You can throw in a few quick attacks here and there, but in reality, five or six hits to the back will knock him out. If you want to be on the safe side, you can equip armor that resists piercing attacks. You can buy this at Pulcinella in Hotel Krat.

The Survivor rewards you with a new costume and some leveling items, so it’s worth tackling.

Written by Georgina Young for GLHF

Source: Gazzetta It

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