PSN disabled? Because the PlayStation Network is offline and not working

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No issues have been reported on PSN for a long time, but apparently the PlayStation Network isn’t working for an exponential number of players. The first reports occurred about ten hours ago, during the Italian night, and now Sony confirms what many had already imagined. There are problems on PlayStation Network for PS4 and PS5 on September 19: let’s find out what it is and when the emergency will end.

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PSN disabled, why? —

Currently, Sony confirms that “PlayStation Network services are fully functional, but there may be some external issues on the Internet that may compromise your experience. Once these external issues are resolved, you should no longer have any problems connecting to PlayStation Network.” You can see any updates on PSN downtime on Sony’s status page, which more or less immediately reports official news on the terms of the online gaming and purchasing network.

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PlayStation Network offline on September 19 –

As PlayStation Lifestyle notes, the first reports started pouring in online between 10 and 12 hours ago, on social networks and forums like Reddit. Some players have reported having trouble using PlayStation Plus features, others have reported getting general error messages when trying to launch games, while there are also players who are unable to pay for titles and subscriptions in the PlayStation Store. The problem doesn’t seem to be directly PSN dependent, but in the meantime, we still don’t know when it will return.

Source: Gazzetta It

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