journalists showed 5 minutes of Alan Wake II gameplay with ray tracing

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The IGN portal, as part of the IGN First section, presented another exclusive gameplay video of the psychological horror Alan Wake II from developers of the Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment (the Max Payne, Control duology).

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    Image source: Remedy Entertainment

Image source: Remedy Entertainment

In the five-minute segment, available in ray-traced 4K resolution, hapless writer Alan Wake finds himself in the Dark Place, which has taken the form of a nightmarish version of a nighttime, rainy New York.

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In one of the alleys, the hero meets a character from his own books, now FBI agent Alex Casey, who in Alan Wake II literally looks and sounds like Max Payne, the protagonist of another Remedy duology.

Casey’s appearance is based on Remedy creative director Sam Lake, who voiced Max Payne in the first game. The FBI agent speaks in the voice of James McCaffrey, who played the hero in all three parts.

Without having time to talk to Casey (he behaves a little strangely), Wake follows his interlocutor with his gaze – an FBI agent armed with a service pistol has gone to check the alarming sounds coming around the corner.

You can see what happened next in the video above. Fans greeted the new video with excitement due to its cutting-edge graphics and “Max Payne” appearing in the clip.

Due to the recent postponement, Alan Wake II is expected to release on October 27 on PC (Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. In addition to Alan Wake, the game will feature another protagonist: FBI agent Saga Anderson.

Source : 3D News

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