Will GTA 6 cost more than 80 euros? Publisher Take-Two’s dissertation

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GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games in the world right now, with fans waiting over a decade for the release of the latest installment in the series. Rockstar recently set the internet on fire by announcing that the first trailer for GTA 6 will be released in early December. But very little has been officially announced about the sequel to the critically acclaimed GTA V, with most details about the title being kept under wraps.

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How much does gaming cost —

In any case, new comments from the CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two have many fans concerned about how much GTA 6 could cost. In fact, Strauss Zelnick has suggested that the game could cost much more than the current average, already subject to a recent increase. Zelnick argues that the way games are currently priced is wrong and a new model needs to be adapted. Currently, big-budget games typically sell for around $80, while a premium edition with several digital or physical items and early access costs around $100. Games from smaller development teams are usually lower priced and sell for around 15-30 euros each. Well, Zelnick doesn’t believe there should be a single prize for the biggest titles, but rather that they should have individual and specific prizes.

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GTA 6 for 100 euros and more? —

The director believes that users should pay a fee for each hour of entertainment provided by the game, and then an additional fee depending on the potential enjoyment. “In terms of pricing for any entertainment property, the algorithm is essentially the value of the intended use for entertainment purposes. This is the value per hour multiplied by the expected number of hours, plus the final value the customer experiences in terms of ownership, if it is ownership rather than rental or subscription.” In short, Zelnick believes that regardless of the quality of the game, longer titles should cost more. This means that shorter, more focused games, like Resident Evil 4, should be cheaper than artfully bloated titles full of boring side missions, like a Gotham Knights. GTAs are known for their enormous size, which suggests Take-Two’s argument is that GTA 6 should cost more than most games. Will it really be like this? We will find out in December.

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