Blizzard begins merging Overwatch accounts between PC and consoles

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With Overwatch 2 just over a month away from release, Blizzard took a major step this week to prepare. The company now allows players who enjoyed the first game on more than one platform merge your accountsensuring that any bounty earned from them will carry over to the sequel.

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The results of the merger should be seen with the arrival of the new game, which promises to bring a unified profile and evolution regardless of where you play. The current process has now been released for all players who have, at some point, enjoyed Overwatch on PRAÇA, game station, xbox either nintendo switch.

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Blizzard’s intention is that all progress made in the game stays linked to a single accountthat will serve as the basis for unlocking content in Overwatch 2. The company warns that, after merging an account associated with the current version of the FPS, the process cannot be reversed or addressed to another identity on your system.

Fusion can be done through the Blizzard website or through the game.

According to the developer, the merger process involves link PlayStation Network,, or Nintendo Switch accounts and it can be done through its official website. It is also possible to carry out the process through the table console, which implies the use of a portable device capable of reading QR codes —on its support page, the company brings full instructions on how to link accounts.

Although laborious, the merging process will be necessary to make gameplay possible in Overwatch 2, which will take on a quite different monetization model. While the first game was paid and had loot boxes, the sequel will adopt a free-to-play format allied to the sale of battle passes and preselected cosmetic items.

According to Blizzard, the new game should make its debut on October 4 in an incomplete way, but offering the core of your renewed multiplayer experience. In the future, the developer also promises to introduce the promised PvE modewhich should further explore the backstory of the characters and the overall plot of the FPS.

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