SSD prices are about to drop, so now you can build your own gaming PC! | level up

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In recent years, building a computer has turned into a real nightmare. The scarcity of components and huge demand caused prices to skyrocket, and being able to buy different components was really complicated for people who didn’t have unlimited money. Fortunately, things are starting to improve and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the price of SSDs drops.

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The thing is, the last report TrendForce, a company that analyzes different markets to provide detailed reports, assures that SSD prices may drop. Reason? The cost of NAND memory has dropped 35% in just one month.

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In recent months, what is considered high season for the sale of NAND memories has passed, and it has not been possible to increase prices during this time. Indeed, companies have overstock, which has forced manufacturers to lower the price of this type of technology.

Source: Level Up

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