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343 Industries continues to struggle with post-launch development halo-infinity and the community does not hide its frustration about the time it takes to work to publish new content. As if caught between the satisfaction of its regular audience or flirting with trends, the reality of the game remains complex, and recent announcements have not been well received by some fans who quickly expressed their disagreement.

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Congregation still angry halo-infinity

future plan halo-infinity and its multiplayer feature was recently revealed by the 343i and the reception was not as expected. Players complained that it took a long time to stream content and were ruthless against the cancellation of split-screen co-op. Additionally, the distant third season celebration dates have infuriated fans and attacked the title on Steam.

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As evidenced in a report by pure xboxpart of the community halo-infinity It’s still in litigation with the 343i and after the release schedule and plans for the next few months and the first half of 2023 were revealed, they went to the game’s Steam website and bombarded the game with negatives.

halo-infinity you haven’t convinced your audience yet

As the graph shows, since the day 343i announced its intention to do so halo-infinity, one industry player expressed their disappointment and rated it negatively. Keep in mind, though, that the rating for the game remains positive, given that the Steam review system already includes a filter that lets you consider reviews that are marked as “off-topic”, i.e. reviews that are normally applied in the bombing. .

Up to the present, halo-infinity remains in the midst of controversy and prospects do not look encouraging. Recently, a group of players discovered a split-screen co-op flaw that was canceled from the studio and showed they had made significant progress, but the decision wasn’t in favor of this franchise classic.

Note that in this link you will find all the relevant information. halo-infinityas well as our written review.

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