X Men? Streamer plays Elden Ring with his mind; understand how this is possible

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Credits: Perrikaryal/Kotaku

Just when you think you’ve seen it all among the streamer/speedrunner community, it appears perrikaryala content producer he’s playing Elden Ring with his mind (sort of). The girl has a master’s degree in psychology and uses electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment to capture brain activity that is converted into commands.

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Yes, it sounds simple. We will talk about the scientific part later, but in a few words: the streamer needs to think about the action they want to perform, so that the brain activity created from this is captured by the computer, which turns it into a command in the Elden Ring.

As shown in the excerpt published by Jake Lucky on Twitter, the streamer does not use controls, nor dance mat, and all the movement is done by “the mind”. Perrikaryal even manages to defeat bosses this way. The streamer continues to slowly play Elden Ring on her Twitch channel.

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In response to the above tweet, the profile of Bandai Namco UK Reviews “Okay, what and how?” Not surprisingly, as this type of experiment is something quite curious, far from the conventional, despite the fact that there are speedrunners who complete extreme challenges in FromSoftware games.

Science says it’s possible

According to a Kotaku source, Cody Cao, who is in the middle of his PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Michigan, this is possible. The “neural response” to the stimulus of the game is milliseconds. However, decoding these types of experiments remains difficult, with an accuracy of between 60 and 70%, according to him.

“The algorithm needs a lot of training to get acceptable performance. It needs to try many different examples of the same thing (such as Perri saying ‘attack’ before attacking) to be able to execute a wide variety of attacks,” said the future PhD. in cognitive neuroscience. “It’s like FaceID on your iPhone, it gets better the more examples you see,” he adds.

The streamer says that this “isn’t that crazy, it’s very easy to do.” According to her, experiments of this type have been carried out since 1988. “What I am doing is not necessarily something new,” she says.

Perrikaryal has taken streaming challenges to another level. What will happen to them yet?

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Source: Kotaku

Source: Adren Aline

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