4A Games says the war in Ukraine changed the history of the next Metro

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Credits: Games 4A

4A Games revealed how the studio is doing, as well as its projects, after the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia. The Ukrainian studio had already been working on a new Metro, but the war made the studio rethink its theme, due to the difficulties that this situation has brought 4A Games in general. Furthermore, the study is providing access to the Metro Exodus graphics engine from now on PC for free.

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It’s been a while since 4A Games said it’s working on an upcoming Metro, but no details have been released. A few years later, the new game is still going without any information being revealed. but the developers say that the production of the game is still progressing, but with changes.

“The next Metro game is also changing for the better. And not just because of the circumstances we find ourselves in. We never hide the fact that the Metro series has always carried a strong political and anti-war message. Yes, we always want to bring you entertainment and immersion in our post-apocalyptic world, but there is also a bigger story to be told,” the studio said.

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Metro developers try to live normally with the situation.

4A Games continues to say that the war made the studio rethink Metro themes with characteristics that are now part of the lives of the members of the study, who flee, take refuge and try to lead a normal life in the midst of the chaos of kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Stalker 2 is also scheduled for release in the first half of 2023.

“The war in Ukraine made us rethink what kind of story the next Metro should tell. All the themes of Metro – conflict, power, politics, tyranny, repression – are now part of our everyday experiences. So we are incorporating all of these into the game with a renewed purpose”, add the developers.

The study says that some members of the kyiv office have normal days like waking up and having breakfast, while on other days they are forced to seek shelter to protect themselves from shelling. Some of the developers are already part of the Ukrainian military, as are members of the Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl development team.

With that said, 4A Games closes the post by revealing that it is making available in the Exodus SKD, virtually the entire Metro Exodus graphics engine for PC. Anyone who owns the game on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GOG can download it and build whatever they want with the feature.

This is a way for developers to support mods, something the community has been asking for for a while. With Exodus SKD, you will be able to create your terrain, weather, particles, modeling, among other functions. Access to the editor is free.

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Via: Eurogamer Source: 4A Games

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