Hi-Fi Rush had a considerably more profitable debut than Forspoken on PC

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Credits: Tango Gameworks

January opened 2023 with the release of a major title, Forspoken, and a surprise a day later, Hi-Fi Rush. Although they are exclusive to consoles (on the one hand the PS5 and on the other the Xbox Series X|S, respectively), both are available for PC. And on that platform, the Microsoft title has fared better.

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Unfortunately, it’s hard to know how games perform on consoles unless studios reveal sales figures. However, on PC we were able to measure a game’s performance by the number of active players, as well as gain feedback with analytics, which reveals how well the game is being accepted, and where titles rank among the top sellers on Steam. .

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Regarding the latter, according to the list of best-selling games on Steam, Hi-Fi Rush is in the 9th position among the best sellers worldwide (16th in the Brazilian list). Forspoken, on the other hand, is lost below the 100 best-selling titles on Valve’s platform. It is worth mentioning that Forspoken is a R$349.90 (US$69.99) game and Hi-Fi Rush is R$109 (US$29.99) on PC.

Hi-Fi Rush is much better accepted than Forspoken among PC gamers

Forspoken arrived first on January 24. On launch day, the title developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix had peak peak of 12,579 players. The game has more than 3,800 user reviews on Steam, with 54.92% acceptance.

Hi-Fi Rush, revealed and surprise released a day after Forspoken (25), had peak of 6,132 concurrent players until now. However, the title developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda has 98.40% approval rating from over 3,800 player reviews (a few dozen fewer than Forspoken).

Remembering that these numbers can change at any time. Speaking of which, at the exact time I write this, 4,348 players are playing Hi-Fi Rush, against 3,377 who are parkouring and exploring the world of Forspoken.

Another piece of information that helps us compare the two titles is their score on the Metacritic review aggregator. In the PS5 version, Forposken has 66 by critics and 3.6 among users, as well as 1.8 among PC gamers (Not enough reviews of the PC version were posted to generate an average.)

On the other hand, Hi-Fi Rush has 88 average of critics who reviewed the Xbox Series X version, although it only has 5 revisions (against 83 for Forspoken), since the developers must not have shipped keys for the revisions. The user rating for the Xbox version is 9.2 (with over 1600 reviews) and 8.9 among PC gamers.

Have you already played both titles? What are you thinking? Comment there.

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Source: Steam, SteamDB

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