Dwarf Fortress’s next update will bring babies to the game

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Credits: Disclosure/Kitfox Games

After achieving great success with the launch of dwarven fortress Over on Steam, developer Bay 12 Games revealed their plans for the game’s next big update. No release date yet the update promises to populate the game universe with a large number of babies.

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According to a preview shared on Steam, the “Baby Update” will bring smaller versions of all living things in Dwarf Fortress. “This will make it easier to identify units and what life stages they are currently in. We know this is especially important for child dwarves who are currently shown as adult dwarves in red shirts.”, explains the developer.

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Bay 12 Games claims that some of the new game sprites still need to be finalizedoe is therefore not yet working with a release date. At the same time, the company guarantees that it will be ready to confirm more news about the next big game update.”In the next weeks”.

Dwarf Fortress should continue to receive support

After spending more than 20 years in development and supported by donations and a crowdfunding campaign, Dwarf Fortress arrived on Steam on December 6, 2022. The game became an immediate bestseller, making the duo of brothers responsible for its creation millionaires in no time.

Although the release guaranteed the withdrawal of its creators, they intend to continue working on updates for the game as long as they have ideas for it.. At the end of December they released a free update that even allows you to reuse the ASCII graphics of the original (and free) version of the title.

Until now, the Tarn brothers and Zach Adams have not revealed any further details about what they intend to bring to Dwarf Fortress in the coming months of 2023. Both will be present at a panel at PAX East scheduled for March 25, in which they will explain the risks that working with procedurally generated systems can bring to a game.

Dwarf Fortress: Launching on Steam increased developer revenue by 46,000%
The income obtained from the game guaranteed its future and the retirement of its two creators.

Source: PC Gamer

Source: Adren Aline

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