Disco Studio Elysium claims it has resolved its major legal disputes

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Credits: Disclosure/ZA/UM

In a statement issued earlier this week, studio ZA/UM stated that it has settled all recent legal battles related to its name. Mainly known for elysium discothe company was being accused of unfairly firing former employees who played a central role in the game’s creation.

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According to the developer’s current CEO, Ilmar Kompus, the lawsuit filed by designer Robert Kurvitz and art director Aleksander Rostov abandoned for lack of evidence. Kaur Kender, the marketing manager who had started a similar legal dispute, “did all of his shares in the studio, paid off his debt” and reimbursed the head of the company for the legal costs of the lawsuit.

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In a statement, Kender stated that “after leaving her full time position with the company i filed a lawsuit which after analyzing the facts i realized was wrong”. The legal dispute ended with the signing of an agreement with ZA/UMmost of the terms of which must remain confidential.

Studio continues to deal with lawsuits

According to the current CEO of Kompus, updates to the process show that “open discussions are the best way to resolve misunderstandings and differences, especially to the benefit of teams”. At the same time, he claimed that the company will continue to fight pending lawsuits and i hope theydisintegrate“Facing the facts.

The development studio remains a target of its founder, Martin Luiga, who claims that part of his original team was unfairly fired. He also explains that Kompus and his partner Tonis Haavel acted dishonestly to take control of ZA/UMstating that both have previously been convicted of investment fraud.

While the company continues to be financially successful and is working on a sequel to Disco Elysium, the main people responsible for creating the concept of the game are no longer part of it. According to Luiga, the current situation is the result of some sacrifices that the team behind the RPG was forced to make to make it financially viable.

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Source: Eurogamer

Source: Adren Aline

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