Dying Light Creator Shares New Artwork for the Fantasy RPG Announced in 2016

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Credits: Disclosure/Techland

Known primarily for his games involving zombies who want to kill players, Techland reminded the public last Thursday (16) that it also wants to explore the fantasy genre in the near future.. In a message posted on Twitter, the Dying Light creator shared some new art from the project that was announced by her in the distant year 2016.

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So far no name or official release date, The company’s new game promises to offer an open world full of “exotic” elements. In shared art, it is possible to see a human climbing a gigantic tree and looking at a huge city that dominates an entire mountain range.

It is also possible to notice that Techland’s new game will feature a destroyed moon and some familiar-looking creatures.. From what the company has released so far, the new game should also share some of the parkour elements that helped establish the first Dead Island and the two Dying Light chapters.

The new game could be even bigger than Dying Light

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The developer made the official announcement of the fantasy RPG back in 2016.development on Dying Light 2 was beginning at the time. Without giving away too many details, the company shared at the time that the game could be even bigger and more ambitious than its zombie-ridden universe.

We want to create a compelling, story-driven Triple-A title that combines and refines the best aspects of the game that Techland is known for.”, the study states. Although it was announced a long time ago, only now does the project seem to have become the studio’s top priority..

The business plan is that its new open world RPG will have a single player narrative that will be combined with strong multiplayer elements. At the same time as the game is being created, the company intends to continue supporting Dying Light 2 in the form of DLC and free updates.

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The zombie game will get a major story expansion that will explore an unprecedented area.

Source: Eurogamer

Source: Adren Aline

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