Former Blizzard bosses announce creation of Magic Soup Games

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Credits: Disclosure/Magic Soup Games

Separated from Blizzard during the turbulent phase the studio has gone through in recent years, three former company bosses announced this week the creation of Magic Soup Games. The new development studio aims to use “cumulative decades of experience” to deliver Triple-A quality games to the public.

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The new company will be submitted by Jen Oneal, who ran Vicarious Visions for years and became co-chairman of Blizzard for a few months. He left the company in October 2021 claiming that They didn’t pay me the same to play the same role as Mike Ybarra and that the company wanted to use it to promote a culture of gender parity that was not applied in practice.

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The founding team is also made up of J. Allen Brack, former Blizzard president who resigned after several allegations of internal harassment became public. The third founder is John Donhamwho worked as the developer’s head of special projects between 2019 and 2020 and, most recently, played the role of general manager of Prime Gaming at Amazon.

Magic Soup Games promises quality games and internal culture

In a statement announcing the creation of Magic Soup Games, Oneal claimed that the founding members of the studio came together because they shared very similar visions. the kind of games they want to make. “We know that the quality of our games will reflect the culture of our team.”, explained the CEO.

“YouWe’re working early to make sure we’re fostering creativity, fully remote collaboration, and a diversity of backgrounds.”, assured the executive. According to Brak, Jane Oneal has already shown that she has a wealth of experience building teams. and in creating environments that result in the development of successful games.

I’m excited to wake up every day and focus on developing the game with the team. All three of us are looking forward to the type of games and teams we will build in the years to come.Brack said. Until now, The company has not announced any projectshe also did not give any information about what kind of experience he intends to bring to the public, but promised that they will be “massive” and “make people feel good.”

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