DOOM Infinite turns the shooter into an ultra-hardcore roguelike

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Credits: Disclosure/Doom Infinite

Almost 30 years after its official launch, the first DOOM continues to nurture a rich community of modders that use their basic mechanics to offer very different experiences. One of the most recent projects in this regard is DOOM Infinitewhich turns the shooter into a roguelike with a pretty intense difficulty.

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Developed by modder “difficultoldstuff” — or simply DOS —, the new design uses the basic formula of the series and introduces strong random elements to it. Every time a match is started, the player will face enemies, power-ups and weapons arranged in a completely different way than in their last adventure.

DOOM Infinite also features dynamically generated scenarios, making it impossible to beat levels simply by memorizing their layouts. The mod also features a weapon system that can be augmented with the use of accessories, making them more powerful as the player manages to progress through their mission.

DOOM Infinite brings light RPG elements

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In addition to changing the way DOOM levels are presented, the new mod also introduces some RPG elements to the series. In addition to the damage dealt which is now presented in the form of numbers, enemies have gained new attributes, curses and status changes that make them more varied and difficult.

To finish, DOOM Infinite brings opponents with varied behaviors, secret areas, and some hidden traps.. The developer also added three new weapons, new images and music, and an emote system, among many other new features that are offered completely free of charge.

The new game mod is available for download on the ModDB website, but it’s worth noting that it’s still in the process of active development. To be able to enjoy the playable demo you will need to have GZDoom 4.8.2 (or newer) and download about 132 MB of the mod; Click here for more details.

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