Respawn Entertainment opens a third studio to support Apex Legends

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Credits: Disclosure/Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment announced last Monday (20) that it will open a third development studio. The new team will be in charge of helping the company support Battle Royale Apex Legends and ensure that it will continue to function successfully for “10 to 15 years”.

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As the company explained to the Games Industry website, its new studio will be located in the city of Madison, in the US state of Wisconsin. According to Apex Legends General Manager Greg Wilson, the move was necessary due to the ever-increasing demands of the game by developers with experience, talent and fresh ideas.

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Respawn Games’ new team will be led by Ryan Burnett, who previously worked as an engine director at Epic Games. “When I look at the Apex franchise, I think it’s one of the best out there.”, said the executive. “We are the best when you look at other battle royales in terms of movement and gameplay.he continued.

Not everything is positive in the Apex Legends universe

The announcement of the creation of the new studio in Madison comes in a moment marked by not very positive news involving the universe of Apex Legends. Recently, Electronic Arts revealed the cancellation of the mobile version of the game, stating that it will not refund anyone who has already invested money in it.

Besides, the company laid off more than 200 professionals who dedicated themselves to providing technical support and testing new content for Battle Royale. This is part of the publisher’s efforts to outsource as much of its activities as possible as a way to reduce operating costs and optimize profits.

To finish, Electronic Arts reportedly recently canceled development on a new single-player game set in the Apex Legends/Titanfall universe. This led to the departure of several professionals dedicated to the project, who came together in the new Wildlight Entertainment studio to work more freely on the games they truly believe in.

Apex Legends and Titanfall Veterans Announce New Studio Wildlight Entertainment
The developer is already quietly working on a brand new shooter.

Source: VG 24/7, gaming industry

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