The new Dark and Darker gameplay test is distributed via torrents

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Credits: Disclosure/Ironmace Games

After being removed from Steam and embroiled in a legal battle with Nexon, Action RPG Dark and Darker found an unusual way to grant access to its latest playtest.. Since the Valve system can no longer be trusted at the moment, Ironmace Games has decided to distribute the game files through torrents.

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Due to the complexities of our situation, especially across international lines, it is taking time for us to resolve the Steam situation. So that we can focus on delivering on our promises to our fans, we decided to go old school this time around.”, announced the developer on his Discord.

According to the company, the only way to get the link to the Dark and Darker test files is through their official channels. She claims that downloads initiated by any other source have the potential to hide malware and not match the experience of the game she created. Click here to access the official Discord of the project.

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Game patches will use the same solution.

Ironmace Studios also clarified that will continue to use torrent distribution for any updates the game may receive in the near future. According to her, this will only be a temporary solution as long as she doesn’t resolve her issues with Nexon, which could be a long time coming.

Rest assured, we are working tirelessly to ensure the continuity of Dark and Darker.the developer said. Made up of former Nexon employees, Ironmace Studios is accused by the company of having stolen codes developed by her, as well as the whole idea behind the game.

The independent study denies the allegations and states that he is willing to fight in court to prove his innocence. While the situation is not resolved, players interested in the title can join their official Discord and participate in the most recent test round, which runs from this Friday (14) to next Wednesday (19).

Pulled from Steam, Dark and Darker is being recreated by a fan in Fortnite
The Battle Royale creation mode was used in a faithful reproduction of the game’s map.

Source: Eurogamer

Source: Adren Aline

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