The Last of Us Part I for PC receives patch, the second major so far

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Credits: Naughty Dog

Even after five updates, The Last of Us Part I on PC has been a pain in the ass for many machines. At the moment, Naughty Dog released the new patch with audio fixes, UI and visual improvements.

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Naughty Dog recommends NVIDIA GeForce GPU owners, especially those with an RTX 30, to update their drivers to the latest version released yesterday (531.61), which promises to fix random crashes in the game.

The new PC update for The Last of Us Part I is the second largest, weighing in at around 10GB. The game now has two audio compatibility options: one is aimed at players who have experienced muffled, quiet sound, no music, or even no dialogue should try “Spatial” mode. It is now also possible to change the latency of the sound, adjusting the delay of the sound in relation to the scene.

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Appearance-wise, patch fixes issues with using flashlight in dark places, water reflections looking corrupted or pixelated, poor quality lighting and fog even at max default, character animations errors with the game running at high frame rates, correct display of VRAM usage in the menu, and more.

The patch also brought some fixes that specifically targeted some locations in the game, such as Bill’s town, “Bus Depot”, the university, among others. The “Left Behind” DLC also received fixes.

Improvements for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

For NVIDIA GeForce GPU owners, Naughty Dog has fixed graphical issues with the game running on ultra, crashes when loading a save game, and a sharpening issue with DLSS. For those with RTX 3070, character hair details have been improved.

The studio states that it continues to investigate all reports of problems with The Last of Us Part I. In the list of known issues, the “memory leak”, one of the most serious, is still there, in addition to the compilation issue. shaders time. Speaking of which, the new update, here on my PC, asked me to compile the shaders again. No other patch has required this before.

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Source: Naughty Dog

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