Over 2,400 Steam Accounts Have Been Banned After Posting Negative Reviews

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Credits: Disclosure/Plaion

Created to highlight (or remove) positive reviews posted on Steam, the platform’s reaction system. brought restrictions to more than 2,400 player accounts. The case is related to the game. Warriorwhich uses a cheat system known as Sentry, the subject of a very negative review posted on the game’s dedicated store page.

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The review states that anti-piracy software is “suspect“is that he”continues to work even when the game is closed, including its icons”. He also stated that the program “seemed to be sending some data packets to IP addresses in Japan when the game was already closed”.

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What caused problems for those who liked the post was the fact that its author, FREEDOMS17, it also brought detailed instructions on how to uninstall Sentry Anticheat from Warlander. With over 2,349 upvotes and multiple awards, the review was at the top of gaming-related recommendations before being banned for violating Steam’s terms of use.

The restrictions will last 30 days.

The negative review gave the steam user a 30 day suspension: During this period, you can no longer create reviews, participate in discussion forums or react to impressions registered by other users. The same punishment ended up being applied to anyone else who had the positive message associated with Warlander, however, The ability to access the games from the affected accounts has not been blocked..

According to a Steam moderator, FREEDOMS17’s review got confused with instructions on how to disable Sentry for in-game cheating. He also claimed that because the user brought instructions on how to modify the Windows registry, his post was considered dangerous.

The restrictions imposed by the store were eventually lifted, and Valve suggested that the user turn their deleted review into a how-to guide for the game. Plaion, developer of Warlander, stated that their anti-cheat system had a bug that showed it was working even after it was closedreinforcing that it did not collect or send any type of personal information from the players; to top it off, it started offering detailed instructions on how the software can be uninstalled on the game’s page.

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Source: PC Gamer

Source: Adren Aline

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