Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will have dynamic weather and diverse environments

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Credits: Nacon

Forza Horizon 5 and Need for Speed ​​Unbound are the last two big open world racing games released. Along with The Crew Motorfest, Try Unlimited Sun Corona is another game of the genre in development, but with little content revealed so far. Nacon now presents what we can expect from the 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island for their racing game.

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The Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown setting will feature “narrow streets of an old town to wide roads where you can really put your foot down”, plus “off-road mountain trails that require skill and technique”. The developers promise a “realistic and challenging” experience while remaining “accessible” for players of all skill levels.

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Dynamic weather and hundreds of kilometers of roads.

The game will also offer dynamic weather and a day pass., systems that are already present in the racing franchises mentioned above. The rain of titles for Nacon and KT Racing will have “a significant impact on the behavior of the car”. It will be necessary to keep an eye on used tires, in addition to turning on the car’s windshield wipers, for example.

The entire island of Hong Kong will have more than 600 km of roads. “To increase exploration and transport players to a new country, we also wanted Hong Kong Island to be very realistic, so we recreated it at a 1:1 scale. It was challenging both technically and in terms of gameplay.” , said creative director Alain Jarniou.

“To increase the exploration options, we have used our experience with WRC games to turn certain trails and hiking routes into small mountain roads that can be used by a car.”

The entire Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown map will feature 14 unique districts to explore, “each packed with activities, events, and items to find and collect.” As in previous titles (and that other franchises have also incorporated), it will be possible to find car parts that, when you collect them all, unlock a new vehicle.

Stéphane Cambier, the main artist of the game, ensures that players will see various famous spots of Hong Kong throughout the game: walking through the financial center with different buildings, passing through mountains, villages and going to the beach.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is promised for this year and will arrive on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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