World of Warships: Update 12.3 brings a new map, allied heroes and a Japanese ship

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TO war games announced on Monday (17) that World of Warships receives its latest update 12.3 which will bring new content to the game.

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Free Online Naval Combat Multiplayer Players Get the Tier IX Japanese Battleship Daisen in the Dockyard adds a new exotic Seychelles map to the game, as well as a collection themed around the Allied powers of WWII.

World of Warships Update 12.3

Check out all the content that will be available to World of Warships players in this new update below:

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Daisen drops anchor in shipyard

Start a new challenge at the Kure Shipyard with the construction of the Tier IX Japanese Battleship Daisen. Awaiting players at the end of a 34-stage shipbuilding process that includes many combat missions, Daisen is a prized prize to chase.

The ship reaches high speeds, packs eight accurate 410mm guns, and four high-range quad torpedo tubes to deal significant damage, all of which more than makes up for the armor and less robust hit point. To make the construction site a bit more festive, the Port of Kure was decorated to celebrate this engagement.

Sail to the Seychelles

Expanding the horizons of the World of Warships seas, a new map of the tropical islands of the Seychelles has been introduced in this update. Bearing a strong resemblance to the mountainous islands of Praslin and La Digue, this green new map will be available for random and cooperative battles. Tier V to IX ships can compete in Domination mode with four main areas, spread across the map in two different variations.

Get ready for the Inca Trail

From May 12 to June 2, World of Warships players will be able to venture on the Inca Trail, a series of combat missions that offer various rewards, including a commemorative flag, themed crests, and Inca tokens, a temporary resource that can be traded in the Armory for random packages of the tier VIII Admiral tier cruiser with a commander with 10 skill points.

Almirante Grau was the flagship of the Peruvian Navy. Purchased in the Netherlands, the ship is armed with eight 152mm main guns housed in four turrets that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The main feature of it is the access to the Combat Instructions. The progress bar fills up while the cruiser is undetected, and activating Battle Instructions significantly reduces the main battery recharge time.

A new collection of allied heroes

World of Warships also gets an “Allied Heroes” themed collection in honor of the end of World War II in Europe. With 12 different items to collect, players who complete each section will be rewarded with the corresponding commanders from allied nations, each with 10 skill points.

These items can be found through the new “Allied Heroes” containers, which can be obtained for free XP and Credits in the Armory. At the end of the full collection, there are three days of redeemable Warships premium account.

World of Warships is a free online multiplayer naval combat game for PC.

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