We have no impression: a dreamy, animated TV show to play

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It can be said that OFK is not a real group, but it will not be. Its members – Itsumi, Jey, Luca, Carter and Debug – are digital fictional characters who create real music. Songs like “Follow / Unfollow”, “Fool’s Gold” and “Footsteps” are published by Sony Music Masterworks and streamed on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Unlike Hatsune Miku League of LegendsHowever, K/DA is not an OFK megastar, at least not yet. They’re just a group of friends who started making music together.

we’re good is an interactive biography of the band, spread over five one-hour episodes. Each of these episodes connects to five songs from OFK’s first EP and chronicles the growth of friends and the band on their way to the big release.

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Photo: Team OFK

Teddy Diff, the creative director of the OFK development team, wanted to move OFK away from virtual megastars like K/DA and instead focus on a much smaller, more personal story. we’re goodThe first two episodes aired on August 18, and each subsequent episode aired weekly.

The game’s dreamy, pastel world opens with Itsumi Saito and Luca Le Fae, two employees who are creating a fashion machine video game for a major corporate studio. In an environment where all decisions come from above, they work hard and are underpaid, and their creative vision is belittled. Itsumi’s world is plagued with heartbreak, and many hearts are broken when Luca Le Fe joins her old friend and music producer Jay Zhang. Carter Flores eventually joined the band for graphics and effects, and their holographic cat AI Debug for vocals.

It represents the very LA world, or rather the outsiders. an idea THERE. All dreamy people in neon lights, cream colors and dream dresses. These characters are incredibly beautiful, which made me laugh at Dief’s original comments on the PlayStation blog detailing Team OFK’s desire to create a group member that is more easily recognizable and realistic than K/FROM.

Photo: Team OFK

My disbelief lasted about six seconds into the game we’re good. Each of these characters has a sweet, funny and chaotic taste: Itsumi is new to Los Angeles and is suffering from a breakup and is trying to decide if keyboard player is her real vocation. Luca Le Fe is a hopelessly romantic singer-songwriter who has just been unexpectedly fired. Jay Zhang is a talented and sought-after producer who balances his parents’ outlook on life. Carter Flores is a programmer and visual effects artist reluctant to delve into other people’s past lives, and the creator of Debug, a holographic artificial intelligence. The whole game, especially when compared to it, is downright weird in the most refreshing way the end part 2, Which is the first time I played. we’re good It causes both extraordinary joy and struggle, but never in a seemingly brutal way.

we’re good It’s more like a TV show than a game; The larger story unfolds on its own, but the player chooses dialogue and text options throughout the story. It doesn’t have much of an impact on the ongoing narrative, but I think that’s the point. My choices are more about doing than influencing the course of events. we’re goodMy world is an intimate thing, even though other players will certainly make the same choices.

Photo: Team OFK

Each episode ends with a music video for the accompanying song. The videos themselves are little mini-games where I guide the characters through abstract and colorful scenes that create rhythm. Whether it’s herding cats in one video or chasing neon lights in another, interaction is still limited.

we’re goodThe story just keeps getting better with each episode and each chaotic text message. The characters are fictional, but they feel less real. It’s a series that asks questions about friendship, creativity, and the challenge of creating something original, and the answers are always difficult.

we’re good Available on Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

we’re good It was released on Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC on August 18. The game was played on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC using a pre-download code provided by Team OFK. Vox Media has subsidiaries. This does not affect editorial content, but Vox Media may receive a commission for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find Read more about Polygon’s ethics policy here.

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