Dying Light 2 Delays Blood Ties DLC Release Again

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Credits: Disclosure/Techland

Techland confirmed last Wednesday (21) that postpone the release of the Blood Ties DLC againscheduled to expand the story of dying light 2. According to the company, its teams need additional time to polish the content it needs and fix some remaining bugs.

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With that, instead of coming to desktop and PC consoles in mid-October, the update should only be available from November 10. The developer promises provide more details next Friday (23)date on which a question and answer session will be held on the official Dying Light Discord.

Techland’s promise is that Blood Ties will take players through a new story arc, in which they will be introduced to a never-before-seen location known as “The Carnage Hall.” The place is described as “the epicenter of death, wealth and pure splendor” and promises several clashes with a high dose of brutality.

Dying Light 2 promises years of free support

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While the developer is putting the finishing touches on the DLC, they are also working on new free content. Dying Light 2 ended last Tuesday (20) a series of special events belonging to his second free content update, which brought him new items, enemies, weapons and achievements.

Techland’s promise is that Content like this should keep coming to the game regularly for years to come.. As with the first game, the company wants to continue working on adjustments that guarantee players an even more complete experience with optimized performance.

Blood Ties will only be the first of two paid addons which Techland is preparing for the game in the near future. DLC can now be purchased as part of the Deluxe version of the game, being also present in the variation latestwhich grants access to more upgrades whose details have yet to be revealed.

5 years of content for Dying Light 2 could take the game a long, long way

5 years of content for Dying Light 2 could take the game a long, long way
“Atlantis” or “space”. It will be?

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