Sony explains: Why are there no day one exclusives on PS Plus?

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Launched in early June in Brazil, the new version of PlayStation Plus gives consumers access to a host of games at their highest levels; nevertheless, this does not happen with major Sony releases. As the company explains, it continues to believe in the “Premium launch” of its games and sees Plus as a later part of the life cycle of a game.

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In an interview with Game Industry, Shuhei Yoshida — currently responsible for indie games coming to PlayStation — brought more details about the decision. According to him, the company sees games as movie productsthat have a cycle of premieres that includes their arrivals at theaters, stores and streaming systems.

I’ve handled releases of my own, so I know they’re like movies: a movie comes out first in theaters, then pay-per-view, or a subscription system, or free TV, each time it generates new revenue and reaches a wider audience.”, Yoshida explained.

Games coming to PS Plus when sales slow

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We believe in launching a premium title and maybe six months, three months or even three years, when its sales drop, we put it in this service, PS Plus Extra”, continues the executive. For him, the subscription service should be seen as a second chance for the public to rediscover the games they missedincreasing their communities and generating expectation for the launch of new content.

Yoshida also explained that developers can use the inclusion of PS Plus games like way to draw attention to the release of expansions or sequels that will hit stores soon. “That’s why we encourage publishers to use these services to manage the life cycle of each title.” He explained.

In previous statements, Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman and CEO Jim Ryan had stated that the Day One release of proprietary games hurt Sony’s structure. According to him, the successful model established by her would no longer be economically viable if her most anticipated games were immediately available on subscription services.

The head of PlayStation demanded that the company renew its attention to indie games

The head of PlayStation demanded that the company renew its attention to indie games
Jim Ryan believed that Sony was focusing too much on Triple A releases

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