Fall Guys Welcomes Street Fighter’s Ryu, Akuma, And Cammy Into A New Season

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Credits: Mediatonic

When we talk about crossovers, or collabs, Fall Guys is one of the games that has received this type of content the most. Now Ryu, Cammy and Akuma from Street Fighter are the new characters, in the form of skinsArriving at the Mediatonic gymkhana match.

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The third season of Fall Guys has already started and now it takes place under the sea, and with it a new season pass with new skins, including SpongeBob and the main characters of the series, as well as Skyrim and Ultraman.

In accordance with this profile focused on game leaksSeason 3 will have even more outfits for characters like the Grinch, Gears of War, Doom, and more.

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With the new update that the third season of Sunken Secrets brought, the game received the following new features:

Fall Guys – Season Three Additions

  • New slide diving mechanic
  • Contra o Tempo concerts are here!
  • You can see a preview of the celebrations on each screen
  • Some costumes now have a “Random” style setting. These outfits can be restyled by starting a show with a matching top and bottom.
  • When you win, we will no longer display the “End of Round” banner, just “WINNER!”
  • Now we can have 3 team elimination finals in Teams
  • Tags will now indicate if you were eliminated, ranked, or waiting for the end of the round in spectator mode.
  • Challenges are now exchanged on Tuesdays.
  • Now you can see how many people are watching you! (And you can enable/disable this in settings)

In addition, Sunken Secrets brings 5 ​​new rounds: Detonatlantis, Hoop Pass, Enigmatic Path, Kraken Attack and Speed ​​Slide, all bringing new obstacles, all within the new theme of the current season.

Fall Guys is a free game, available for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as PC, which can only be found exclusively on the Epic Games store, as purchased by the game developer.

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