Bungie takes Destiny 2 offline to fix achievement issues

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Credits: Disclosure/Bungie

Bungie announced last Tuesday (24) that it was forced to take Destiny 2 offline for a few hours due to to some bugs related to their achievement system. With the release of the revision of the game, many players no longer correctly display the titles they unlocked by fulfilling the conditions imposed by the FPS.

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According to the developer, a An unexpected bug caused some players’ Triumphs progress to be reset by accident. With that, they lost the right to display the stamps that accompanied their names, a great status symbol within the game’s universe, showing each player’s commitment to it.

After a series of communications indicating that the issue was being investigated, Bungie had no choice but to take the game offline for a few hours.. The forecast is that the operation of Destiny 2 will be restored on the morning of this Wednesday (25), but the developer does not rule out an extension of its maintenance time.

Bungie promises updates soon

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The decision to take Destiny 2 offline may be related to the you need to revert the game servers to a situation prior to the arrival of patch The developer has been quite transparent about the process of fixing the game, whose servers have been down for a few hours.

The prediction is that when the game becomes available again, there may be a slight setback to player progress. This could end up disappointing those who already purchased the new Hierarchy of Needs weapon, which was only live for a few hours before Bungie spotted the issue.

However, so far this is only a possibility, since the company has not yet clarified what steps you need to take to fix the game. The company’s last social media update took place at midnight on Wednesday, but it’s only a matter of time before it gets back in touch with fans.

Bungie asks PS5 owners to stop playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2

Bungie asks PS5 owners to stop playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2
The developer claims that many people don’t know that the game has a native version for the latest console.

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Source: PC Gamer

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