Skate Reboot Will Bring Unlocked Loot Boxes With Hard Cheats [RUMOR]

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Credits: Promotion/Electronic Arts

Announced by Electronic Arts in 2022, the reboot of the Skate series promises to bring a series of loot boxes as a form of monetization. However, the Insider Gaming website revealed that the company does not intend to do this in an intrusive way, allowing them to be unlocked by performing cheat sequences.

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By consulting the participants in the most recent tests of the game, the vehicle revealed that it will use “Stars” as its main currency, which can be unlocked by completing challenges. The more difficult it is to perform a cheat, the more money the player can get to unlock the boxes in the game, and each of them should have five random items.

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The Skate reboot is also expected to have another currency known as “Taps”, which has not yet been implemented in the game. It can be obtained using stars or real money, but there will also be ways to earn it by completing tricks and missions; however, since they can also be purchased for real money, free rewards should be more restricted.

Loot boxes will have a rarity system

The Insider Gaming report also revealed that the sports game will have a loot box system with variable rarity. In its current version, each one costs 2-3 stars, and investing coins in the more expensive option brings the advantage of obtaining rarer and more attractive items.

So far, the rewards offered by Skate include stickers, skateboards, clothing for the controlled character, and furniture for the space that the player will be able to maintain. Like in the FIFA series, it will be possible to see what each loot box offersbut only one of the elements it contains is guaranteed.

In case of repeats, the player will receive “Hype” points, which can be exchanged for other items, a system that has yet to be implemented. Since Skate is still far from finished, there is still no way to know if the free to play systems prepared by the company will be fair or not. Before a decision is made in this direction, the prediction is that Electronic Arts will do several tests of the game to gather feedback from its community.

More videos of the new Skate leak and reveal much of the gameplay

More videos of the new Skate leak and reveal much of the gameplay
Don’t get excited, the game is still in pre-alpha stage.

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Source: Insider Gaming

Source: Adren Aline

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