Among Us VR has sold more than 1 million units

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Credits: Disclosure/Innersloth

The augmented reality version of Among Us was as successful as the original title. The game developers revealed last Tuesday (24) that Among Us VR has reached the incredible milestone of 1 million units sold since it was officially released to the community late last year.

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Just ten weeks later, the game had already reached the incredible 1 million sales milestone. The developer also revealed that Among Us VR had over 4 million play sessions in over 122 countries. The numbers show that the game did not take long to be well accepted by the public and is having real success.

“Among Us VR is a party game of teamwork and betrayal. Grab your gear and headset and jump into the VR version of this hit multiplayer game for 4-10 players. Created exclusively for VR, you’ll enjoy the same gameplay as original game, but now in an extremely immersive environment where everything (yes, everything!) is up close and personal,” the description reads.

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The success of Among Us VR differed from the original version of the game. This is because Among Us was initially released in 2018, but it took a while to get off the ground. Two years later, in 2020, various content creators and streamers started playing it during broadcasts, causing it to become a real fever during the pandemic.

The popularization of VR glasses helped the popularity of the game.

An important factor that must be taken into account for the success of Among Us VR is the popularization of headsets and augmented reality glasses for everyday gamers. Among the main examples is Meta Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2, devices that helped bring this type of device to more and more users over the months.

However, the market now also has other types of equipment that have the same objective. Among them is Valve Index and Sony’s PS VR. The company is even closer than ever to the launch of PS VR2 and has begun to unveil a series of games that will be available for augmented reality glasses.

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