Defense firm denies restrictions on War Thunder in its hiring process

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Credits: Disclosure/Gaijin Entertainment

Shortly after a Twitter post gained fame claiming that playing War Thunder became a warning factor in background checks in the US, defense firm Raytheon has gone public to debunk the story. According to her, although the narrated narrative is attractive, it does not necessarily correspond to reality.

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While this is a great story, it is not true.”, a company spokesperson told PCGamesN.. “We only check personal education, employment and criminal records when we are hiring. We have never investigated a person’s gaming habits, and I can’t imagine a case where we care about any game.”.

While this is a great story, it is not true.

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According to the story that started circulating on the internet, Raytheon would have restrictions in War Thunder due to the frequency with which sensitive data is leaked on the in-game forums. The war sim is known for having a very enthusiastic community, occasionally going overboard by trying to prove points or criticizing the developers.

The creator of the story admits that he lied

The person responsible for telling the story that had a great impact He went back to Reddit to admit it wasn’t true.. “Yes, I made up the story.”, said the user “Add Fiat 6616 Please”. “I made up the story because my friend was telling me about his friend who works at Lockheed for a job study. The War Thunder discussion was started by a colleague and that’s it.”.

The user explains that he has an acquaintance who actually works at Raytheon and based on that, created the narrative that gained fame on the site. “I thought the post would get 20 upvotes and then get deleted. I think I’m good at telling lies.added the user, who apologized to a user who asked him about the risks of playing War Thunder.

So who likes to play war simulator? you shouldn’t have to worry about it becoming a constraint when looking for a job, regardless of the area in which it happens. The one exception to this rule should apply to those who take advantage of the game’s forums to disclose sensitive content; in this case, not getting a job may be the least problem these people will face.

War Thunder: Confidential F-16 Fighter Documents Leak on In-Game Forum

War Thunder: Confidential F-16 Fighter Documents Leak on In-Game Forum
The game became known to the military vehicle enthusiast community.

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Source: PCGamesN

Source: Adren Aline

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