Forspoken is the newest game to leave developers out of their credits

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Credits: Disclosure/Square Enix

Officially launched last Tuesday (24), Forspoken is the newest game from a major studio that has come under fire for removing members of its production team from its credits.. Part of the teams that worked on the game stated that the professionals dedicated to its translation and quality tests did not have their work accredited by Square Enix.

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In Forspoken, you can find monsters, magic, cool abilities… but not the proper credit”, said Yasmina Casado González, one of the translators involved in the game. In a since-deleted Twitter message, she claimed that Luminous Productions decided to give credit to third-party companiesbut not to individual professionals.

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The situation seems similar to that of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, games that only list a small part of their production teams. In the case of Renegades, only three participants from your localization team and a person in charge of the test division They have their names on the credit list.

Situation can harm the future of professionals

Since Square Enix’s new action game features adaptations for languages ​​like French, German, English, and Japanese, this means that a large number of people did not have their work registered. As the profile @CreditsLoc pointed out, many professionals who worked on the Brazilian Portuguese and Russian texts for the game were also ignored by the Japanese developer.

The situation generated a series of protests organized through the hashtag #TranslatorInTheCreditsthat drew attention other projects with similar characteristics. Second Strike’s The Callisto Protocol and HBO’s own series The Last of Us were also criticized for not including the names of essential workers for their creations in their credits.

For a developer, not having their names in a game’s credits can mean they’ve spent years working on a product, but not having proof that this happened. This can have direct consequences on future job opportunities, as well as bring difficulties when putting together professional portfolios.

The original Silent Hill 2 translator wants credit for his work on the remake

The original Silent Hill 2 translator wants credit for his work on the remake
He says that even in the original he did not get the credit he deserved.

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Source: Kotaku

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