The Last of Us: fourth episode of the series wins teaser; watch now

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Credits: HBO

It aired yesterday (29) in hbo Y hbo max the third episode of the series the last of us where the characters Bill and Frank were introduced. At the end of the episode, which received much praise from the public and specialized critics for its adaptation, HBO released a teaser for the fourth episode of the series, which will air next Sunday, February 5.

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The little screen time presented already sets the apprehensive tone for the next episode. The first images of the upcoming episode show Joel and Elie traveling the world plagued by cordyceps. The duo will find more challenges ahead and will have to decide what decisions to make to continue the journey of bringing Elie to her destiny.

The Last of Us series will have nine episodes in its first season and was renewed this week for its second week. Episodes air every Sunday at 11 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max streaming. Check out the promo trailer for the upcoming episode below.

Watch the teaser for the fourth episode of The Last of Us

Cast of The Last of Us

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The cast of the series includes the protagonists Peter Easter In the role of joel Y Bella Ramsey What ellie. are also on the list gabriel luna What Tommy, ana torv What Tess, nico parker What Sarah, Murray Bartlett What Frank, nickofferman What Bill, melanie lynskey What Kathleen, storm reid What Riley, merle dandruff What Marlene, jeffrey pierce What Perry, lamar johnson What Enrique, Keivon Woodard What Sam, graham greene What Marlon Y elaine miles What florence.

The Brazilian dubbing has great appeal for fans of the games, as the voice actors of the game developed by Naughty Dog also dubbed the main characters of the series. the voices of Luis Carlos Persy (Joel), Louise Caspary (Ellie) miriam ficher (Tess), clecio souto (tommy) and vic brown (Sarah).

Are you enjoying The Last of Us episodes? What are your expectations for the fourth episode of the first season?

The Last of Us 2 could be divided into more than one season on HBO Max

Official: HBO renews The Last of Us series for a second season

Official: HBO renews The Last of Us series for a second season
The announcement of the renewal was made even before the premiere of the third episode of the production.

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Source: HBOMax

Source: Adren Aline

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