New PS5 commercial shows an unpublished Uncharted

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Credits: Photo: Disclosure/PlayStation

Officially released this Monday (30), a new PlayStation 5 commercial shows that Sony may be preparing to reveal an unpublished chapter of the Uncharted series. Dubbed “Live from PS5 – Bring you the Extraordinary,” the minute-long video showcases many of the platform’s current hits and some of its upcoming releases.

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Among the references to titles already confirmed for the end of 2023, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the commercial also spends moments highlighting games like grand tourer 7, Forbidden Horizon West Y Lost, among others. In one of the moments it is possible to see a young explorer holding a torch and finding an abandoned artifact inside a cave.

In a scene shown shortly after, the adventurer approaches the artifact and dusts it off before the commercial cuts to another game. In addition to the images, what is striking is that they are one of the few in the promotional video that do not come with any descriptive subtitle.

Sony challenges gamers to find references

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On the PlayStation Blog, Sony explains that the new commercial is meant to highlight some of the “extraordinary experiences” the company is offering on PlayStation 5. At the same time, she asks if the players can “find the references”implying that some previously unreleased projects may have appeared in the video.

If a new Uncharted is being developed, should not be commanded by Naughty Dog. Recently, study co-chair Neil Druckmann said that the study has already moved beyond the Nathan Drake story and that regards Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as the last contribution he made to the franchise.

However, it is worth noting that, in the past, some chapters of the franchise have already been created by other studios: Vita’s Golden Abyss was developed by Bend Studio, for example. If the new project is already underway and the teaser is real, may star young cassiethe daughter of Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher who discovers the legacy of adventures her parents tried to hide.

Sony is rebooting Uncharted [RUMOR]

Sony is rebooting Uncharted [RUMOR]
Sony may completely reboot the game with a new studio

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