Forgotten budget may have exceeded $100 million

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Credits: Disclosure/Square Enix

Released in early 2023, Forspoken could end up being a game that will never really recoup the amount Square Enix invested in producing it.. According to a former member of Luminous Productions, the studio responsible for the project, more than $100 million invested in its creation.

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The information was shared on LinkedIn by the personal profile of allison rhymer, who worked as the game’s scriptwriter. In it he states that “wrote the bible, script, and downloadables for a triple-A fantasy game ($100 million+ budget) with a release date set for fall 2022”.

For the avoidance of doubt as to which title he was referring to, Alysson shared a trailer for Forspoken shown at a PlayStation Showcase in 2021. The information comes shortly after Square Enix confirmed that the game’s sales “didn’t shine” in its PC and PlayStation 5 versions.

Luminous Productions to rejoin Square Enix

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While Square Enix hasn’t revealed the exact number of Forspoken units sold, the situation is clearly not favorable for the company. Shortly after the game’s release, he revealed that Luminous Productions will cease to be an independent entity to rejoin its internal studio structures.

The studio was officially formed on March 27, 2018 as a result of the success achieved by Final Fantasy XV and its DLC. At that time, the developer’s intention was to continue supporting the RPG, while produced new Luminous Engine titles.

With lower-than-expected sales of Forspoken and the demise of Luminous Productions, the expectation is that Square Enix abandons the graphics engine and focus your efforts on using technologies like Unreal Engine. In the coming months, he promises to continue supporting the open-world RPG, bringing patches with performance improvements and new DLC with additional stories.

Forspoken Patch 1 brings better graphics and performance

Forspoken Patch 1 brings better graphics and performance
Some loading screens take longer than before to complete

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Source: VG 24/7

Source: Adren Aline

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