Texas Chain Saw Massacre game coming in August

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Credits: Gun Interactive/Playback

Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham revealed that Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be released on August 18.. The game inspired by the iconic 1974 horror film is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. A beta for technical testing is scheduled for May 25.

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Along with the release date, Gun Interactive released a new trailer for the game, showing small details of the game and the Sawyers family in action. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the entire Sawyers family will be present, not just Leatherface and his classic chainsaw. The game is an MMO with an asymmetrical experience, which faithfully recreates the Texas of the 70s.

Discover the main features of the game.

Gun Interactive provided some details on the construction and setting of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which you can check out below:

  • Welcome to the Family: Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham will put players in control of the entire Sawyer family. Instead of just Leatherface, it will be possible to control all family members.
  • Authenticity: Texas Chain Saw Massacre has recreated the locations and characters to transport the player to a specific time and place in the state of Texas.
  • Concept Sound: The developer created a soundtrack based on the sound design of the original film, released in 1974.
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The film Massacre da Serra Elétrica (name of the feature film in Brazil), was released in 1974 and was advertised as a “true story”. The film’s plot is fictional, however the story is based on murders that occurred in real life.. The game also tries to capture this atmosphere and is promoted as “a game based on true events”.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre looks like a Dead by Daylight-style game, centered around a great classic horror movie. EITHER The game will be released on August 18. for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC and will receive a beta version on May 12.

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