Ubisoft announces free Far Cry 5 patch for native 60 FPS

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Credits: Ubisoft/Disclosure

the deductible Very far became one of the most famous and expected by fans of the games of Ubisoft. Any news about this series of games always generates a lot of expectation among the players and the French publisher wants to celebrate it with the fans once again.

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This Thursday (16) Ubisoft announced that far away 5 will receive 60 FPS support on next-gen consoles playstation 5 Is Xbox Series X|S.

Far Cry 5 at 60 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

The rollout of the feature to new platforms comes as Far Cry 5 celebrates its fifth anniversary. The patch that will add the resource to the game is free and applies to all game modes: solo campaign, cooperative, arcade and any content available for download.

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In a powerful siege cut off from the rest of the world, in rural Hope County, Montana, USA, players must join forces with other local residents to be the resistance against a doomsday, fanatical group, and free the community and themselves. Users have to fly planes in dogfights in Big Sky Country; destroy supplies with vehicles, explosives and other objects; Recruit Guns for Hire members from a wide cast of characters, and even train Fangs for Hire animals like bears and cougars. In this scenario, the player’s choices define how to handle each situation and how to deal with the chaos created in Far Cry 5..”

Ubisoft had already announced that there was news on the way to celebrate the five years since the launch of Far Cry 5 through the twitter. And he also points out that the surprises do not stop there and that in the coming weeks there will be other news.

In addition to the 60 FPS implementation for next-gen console builds, the patch will bring improved native resolution on Xbox Series X|S. Players can play Far Cry 5 at 1920X1080 resolution on Xbox Series S and 3840X2160/4K resolution on Xbox Series X. On Playstation 5, the game stays around 2880X1620 dynamic resolution.

Ubisoft also announced that the game will be getting a free weekend, from March 23 to 27 at Xbox Series X|S, xbox one, playstation 5, Playstation 4and PC, through Ubisoft Store, epic games store and subscription service Ubisoft+. During this period, players will have access to all of the main content in the game and will be able to enjoy up to 85% off the game if they wish to continue their adventure after the event.

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