Suicide Squad game should not abandon game-as-a-service elements

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Credits: Disclosure/Warner Bros. Games

After the release of the latest gameplay video of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, rumors went on to indicate that Warner Bros. Games decided to postpone the game again to make some changes to it. However, this should not mean that the game will abandon its game-as-a-service elements. which caused controversy among the public.

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According to journalist Jeff Grubb, who stated that the game could only arrive in 2024, the additional development time will not be done to change the structure of the product. He claims that Rocksteady will take a few extra months of work to polish the experience and make sure it will work well within your proposal.

Rocksteady hasn’t posted the Suicide Squad delay yet, perhaps because they don’t have a new date yet.”, said Jason Schreier of Bloomberg. “Employees were told a few weeks ago that he will be out at the end of this year, but they don’t yet know when. It may arrive in 2024, but one thing seems certain: the core of the game will not change.”.

The game will require a constant internet connection.

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While Rocksteady promised that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will not be a traditional game-as-a-service, many of its elements will follow this structure. While the adventure can be played solo (or multiplayer), it will require a constant internet connection to access in any mode.

In the same way, the game’s weapon system will be based on discovering items with different types of rarity and unique characteristics. A trailer released by Warner Bros. Games revealed that among the elements that will be present in the game are enemies “infused” with Batman’s powers.

Sources consulted by VGC state that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League production team is very excited about the game. In addition, the developers reinforce that the game “not another gotham knights” and I hope that the perception of the title is positive once more people have the opportunity to see the project for themselves.

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