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Crash Team Rumble Arrives In June And Gameplay Revealed; verify

Credits: Toys for Bob

The new game in the universe of the former mascot of Sony, Crash Team Rumble, has a release date, which takes place on June 20 for both generations of PlayStation and Xbox. Also, one closed beta will happen in april for those who pre-ordered the game.

The information is from WCCFtech, which was one of the international websites that participated in a press conference with the Toys for Bob studio. Some channels also had developer approval to post gameplay snippets.

Crash Team Rumble Details

Toys for Bob’s goal with Crash Team Rumble is to bring the franchise, and what makes it successful, such as platforming elements, to the competitive multiplayer scene. The studio, however, makes it clear that the new game is not a MOBA, instead calling it a “strategic multiplayer platformer.”

The title features matches between two teams of four players. Each character will have their own abilities, moves, and stats. The developers guarantee that Crash Team Rumble will feature speed matches that will last between four and five minutes.

The objective of the matches is to acquire more Wumpa Fruit (the one that Crash has always collected in each game) than the opposing team. It will be necessary to explore the map to find the fruits, collect them and take them to the team base. The maps will feature the iconic crates containing the fruit, and whoever collects two thousand Wumpas first wins the match.

Players will also be able to slap each other during the match, but according to the developers, this will not be the focus. The combats serve to try to prevent the enemy from finding the fruits and taking them to their base. Matches will also have mechanics like fruit power-ups, which will further increase the score.

Crash Team Rumble is available to pre-order now, starting at $29.99 for the basic edition (which comes with the Season 1 Battle Pass Premium) and $39.99 for the Deluxe version. The closed beta will take place between April 20 and 24.

The studio has yet to confirm a PC version of the game.

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Source: WCCFtech

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