Diablo IV will have less repetitive mazes at launch, says Blizzard

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Credits: Disclosure/Blizzard

Despite the Beta of Diablo IV Having been well received by the public, Blizzard claims that the final version of the game will be even better. In response to feedback received from players, the company announced last Friday (14) that changes to ensure the game’s mazes are less repetitive and tedious.

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On its official blog, the developer acknowledged that one of the problems most indicated by the test participants was the need to revisit the same area several times. They also noted that many of the available dungeons had very similar layouts, which gave a sense of repetitiveness.

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Blizzard says that won’t be the case once Diablo IV makes its official debut in June. According to her, many action rpg locations have already been “optimized” and the objectives have been repositioned to prevent players from having to do something and then go back down paths they’ve already taken.

Diablo IV will change the behavior of monsters

The developer also explained that will increase the movement speed of characters who need to carry items related to the objectives of a maze. In addition, in phases where the objective “Kill all monsters” appears, the creatures that are left alive will begin to search for players more actively.

blizzard too will increase to 60% the probability of a special event happening When players are exploring a location: In the beta, the chance of this happening was only 10%. “These settings are just a starting point and we plan to extend this philosophy to the keys in a future update.”, promised the company.

In its final version, Diablo IV also promises to bring various class adjustments to make them more balanced and coherent with the objectives of its designers. With versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, the game hits stores on June 6 of this year.

Each Diablo IV Battle Pass will offer 80 hours of gameplay, says Blizzard

Each Diablo IV Battle Pass will offer 80 hours of gameplay, says Blizzard
Each Pass promises to bring new objectives, missions and special rewards

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Source: blizzard

Source: Adren Aline

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