Diablo IV will not display its map while the player is exploring

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Credits: Disclosure/Blizzard

Scheduled for release in June this year, Diablo IV should not bring one of the elements present in the series since its debut. Blizzard states that, at the moment, it has no plans to bring a map overlay which shows the locations that players have passed through before.

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With that, players in the final version will have to consult the screen dedicated to the map if you want to get a better idea of ​​where you are in the game. The absence of the overlay was confirmed by Rod Fergusson, the series’ general manager, in response to a Twitter user who asked him about a possible return of the feature.

According to Ferguson, Blizzard “has no plans at this time” to provide the tool to make it easier to navigate the world of Diablo IV. This is not the only classic element of the franchise that will be left out of the sequel: a few days ago, the company confirmed that it will not bring the famous “Cow Phase” because it does not consider it consistent with the darker tone. of the game.

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Reactions to the decision were mixed.

The information disclosed by Diablo’s general manager was received a mixed reception from the fan community on Twitter. The main criticisms were based on stating that not only the navigation overlay is something classic in action role-playing games, but that the current map of the new chapter of the franchise is not very well done.

At the same time, there were those who claimed that the decision will bring benefits to Diablo IV and make the experience more enjoyable. One of the responses recorded by the PC Gamer website states that, lacking the option, it will finally be possible to pay attention to the game and its scenarios instead of being focused on a small 2D map all the time.

Last Friday (14), Blizzard revealed that the final version of the game will bring some balance changes to its classes to make them more fun. At the same time, she revealed that she will make adjustments to the game’s dungeons and dungeons to avoid that they become repetitive and end up having an exaggerated duration.

Each Diablo IV Battle Pass will offer 80 hours of gameplay, says Blizzard

Each Diablo IV Battle Pass will offer 80 hours of gameplay, says Blizzard
Each Pass promises to bring new objectives, missions and special rewards

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Source: PC Gamer

Source: Adren Aline

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