Media Molecule co-founder leaves studio

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Credits: Media Molecule/Reproduction

Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey left developer PlayStation Studios on Monday. The information was revealed by Siobhan Reddy, director of Media Molecule, in a press release. For now, we don’t know what Healey’s next steps in the industry are.

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The news comes days after the announcement of the end of support for the Dreams game. Although it is still possible to play and share creations, as of September 1, 2023, the title will not receive any further updates from Media Molecule. According to the company, the decision was made for the study to focus on the development of its new project.

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Co-founder leaves Media Molecule

For now, Mark Healey has not disclosed the reason for his departure from the company he helped found. Siobahn Reddy thanked Mark for all he’s done for the company and wished him luck “on his next adventure.”

Check out Siobahn Reddy’s message:

  • Today, Mark Healey announced his departure from Media Molecule. Mark co-founded the company and has also been a creative force for the studio over the years. We have many fond memories of making games with Mark: his passion for sharing creativity, his willingness to always go the original route, and his love of jam influenced Media Molecule brilliantly. So what does this mean for Media Molecule? While the recent change in the team’s format is certainly a moment [complicado], our ‘Molecules’ team is ready to take the helm. We have a new project in the works, which is exciting, but it’s too early to tell. We hope to provide updates in the future.

Siobhan ends the message by thanking Healy, promising that the developer will always be “a little weird.” Media Molecule was created in 2006 by Healy, Alex Evans, Kareeem Ettouney, and Dave Smith. Responsible for games like the Little Big Planet and Dreams franchise, Sony bought the studio in 2010.

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