Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Gets Behind-The-Scenes Video

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Credits: Guerrila Games/Reproduction

Guerrilla Games and Sony launched, this Monday (17), a Behind the scenes video of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shoresthe additional content of Aloy’s adventure story that will be released on April 19 on PlayStation 5. The video focuses on the new character Seyka, played by Kylie Liya Page.

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According to the video’s description, Seyka is “an ambitious member of the Quen tribe who did everything he could to help his people survive.” The video also has the presence of Ashly Burch, responsible for bringing Aloy to life in the games.

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The video is very interesting because it shows in greater detail how the movements of the characters are captured, from putting on clothes, markings, voice training. Kylie Liya Page comments that Bringing Seyka to life was her first experience recording for a game. “I’m totally new to this, it was intimidating to put on the clothes, the helmet, the cameras. It was quite different for me, so I was forced to use my imagination.” Despite the difficulty at first, Kylie says the experience was amazing and she can count on Ashly Burch to help her through the learning process. The actress ends the video saying that Seyka is a strong character, moved by love for “her tribe and her family.”

DLC brings several new features

Burning Shores is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 this week. The additional content takes place after the end of the main Forbidden West campaign and will be accessible to players after completing the Singularity quest. In recent weeks, Guerrilla Games has been gradually presenting some of the news that will be present in the DLC.

In addition to new abilities to defeat enemies, Burning Shores introduces new machines, like the Waterwing, that will allow Aloy to explore the sea more easily. In the DLC we will also be introduced to the settlement of Quen, the place of origin of Seyka. According to the developer, the town will be one of the main points of the DLC. There, Aloy will be able to meet a new tribe and learn more about their culture and history.

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