Pokémon Violetta and Violetta? Announcement made by McDonald’s in Singapore | level up

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One of the games that players are looking forward to this year Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleexalts society. But some places like McDonald’s are still unclear about what the new deliveries will be and they made a big mistake.

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As you surely know, the next games pokemon They’ll arrive in mid-November and will let you get to know the ninth generation of the saga, all of which is exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

However, a terrible mistake McDonald’s made in Singapore went viral because they printed some tablecloths in their restaurant that mentioned the advent of “”.Pokémon Purple and Purple“It’s already been confirmed by the end of the year to mix up the names of the games and not mention the release date.

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You can see it here:

As you can see, this weird mistake was made by McDonald’s in Singapore and has been a collaboration between them since September. pokemon and fast food chain. However, it seems to have started with a misstep.

Source: Level Up

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