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card frenzy pokemon This situation does not stop and this situation has led to the commission of crimes in some cases, as it is known that the stage can pay very high prices for some pieces. Now that the cards are back at McDonald’s Happy Meals in the United States, one man took advantage of that promotion’s proximity to make his own, but it didn’t end well.

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Subject buys 200 decks of cards pokemon McDonald’s

a relationship GameRent He uncovered the latest case of Troy Partin, a 32-year-old Arizona resident who abused his position as a McDonald’s employee to steal credit cards. pokemon this was to be delivered with every Happy McLanche. It was reported that the police had an indirect blow, as Partin missed a stop and a patrol followed him until he was stopped. Police began a search of the vehicle after confirming his identity and a criminal record in the system.

The cards were part of the promotion. pokemon at good food

Surprisingly, they found neither drugs nor weapons, but 200 packs of credit cards. pokemon Corresponding to McDonald’s promotion. Subject initially assured him that he had purchased them from a third party and would resell them, but when it was revealed that he was a fast food worker, police guessed he had stolen them.

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Unfortunately for this boy, his situation was not favorable because he was on probation for drug offenses, so he was immediately arrested on suspicion of theft. After verifying 200 credit card packages pokemon yes, they were stolen from the branch where he worked, he was accused of theft of private property.

Considering the high prices some credit cards reach pokemon and McDonald’s packs sold out quickly, there are even hundreds of McLanche Feliz’s to have different bags, it’s clear this guy is trying to do too much by recommending them on the internet where they can be quoted according to the clamor from the community itself.

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