The Pokémon Company sues Chinese companies that copy Pokémon; asks them to apologize | level up

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pokemon It’s one of the biggest franchises in show business, and there’s a lot of guys who want a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, some want to buy it illegally, like the 6 Chinese companies the Pokémon Company has sued this week.

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how to send South China Morning PostThe Pokémon Company sues 6 Chinese companies that run copying games pokemon. This is Pocket Monster Reissue, a game for iPhone and Android that replicates various ideas. pokemon and still have the courage to use official characters and materials pokemon.

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As you can imagine, it’s a situation that has plagued The Pokémon Company, so they didn’t wait. Therefore, since 2015, they have taken legal action accusing them of using their materials without permission.

The company is seeking compensation of $72.5 million from the companies. They also ask them to post a public apology on their official website and popular social networks in China, as well as in major app stores.

It should be noted that in the first year of marketing, reissue of pocket monster It generated $43,434,195, a huge amount. One of the reasons it makes so much money is because of multiple deliveries. pokemon They are not available in China. In other words, it is a product that has filled a gap in the market, although it has been done illegally.

And you met your clones pokemon on the internet? Do you think the Pokémon Company is following the best course of action? Let us know in the comments.

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