Pokémon Anime Becomes a Reality Fans Have Wanted for Years | level up

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anime pokemon It’s very important to the franchise because video games have been around for so long since they came out. Despite being very different content, the animation overall is quite engaging for fans of the series and leaves some incredible moments for the story. One of them is happening and undoubtedly pleases more and more fans of Ash Ketchum and the strong and beautiful champion Cynthia.

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SPOILER: Then we’ll talk about some of the more advanced moments of the anime’s new season: Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, available in Japan only. However, if you do not want to know this moment, we invite you to look forward to the season premiere, which will take place in the west later this year.

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There’s no doubt that The Pokémon Company only wants to delight their fans with the release of the next installments of the video game franchise. Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleor with the debut of Ash Ketchum as a playable character, also in the anime.

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