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We have good news for all fans. pokemonespecially for those still Pokémon Shield and SwordSince Ash’s Gengar is present from the series pokemon travelTo download with Mystery Gift.

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As you surely remember, it’s been a while since the makers of Nintendo Switch games announced a distribution event where 6 Pokémon will be presented to players from Ash Ketchum’s current team, Dracovish, Lucario, Sirfetch’d, Gengar, Dragonite, and Pikachu. .

Once players have managed to get Dragonite with their code (which is still available), now it’s time for Gengar to become your ally, all thanks to a new code you can use today.

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You can see it here:

As you can see, Pokemon will be available for free download from September 2-15, so it’s best to launch your hybrid console and get it once and for all.

Source: Level Up

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